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Boost Your Business With Our Fast And Reliable News API Data

Robust News & Article Data in Real-Time

Get the latest breaking news, headlines, and articles worldwide. Easily create custom searches to power your content needs with our blog and News API.

Local & Surrounding News

Our data is continuously updated to ensure your customers get the most accurate information.

Latest Trending News

Your customers will always be in the know with our latest trending news.

20+ Top Category Searches

Users can search for specific articles or categories that they are interested in.

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Our data products and feeds drive incredible value for your business and your customers.  Gain more traffic, engagement and revenue.

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How to Consume Our News Data API


Our News API is easily structured and can be implemented easily in your business.

iFrames & Widgets

Plug and play our news information with just a couple lines of code.

White Label Mobile Apps

Expand your digital presence by using our white-labeled news app immediately.