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Lottery Data API

Boost Your Business With Our Fast And Reliable Lottery Data

Comprehensive Lotto Data & Analytics

Utilize the most robust, comprehesive and complete lottery data & analytics API to create engaging content your customers will devour.

Real Time Lottery Results

Our data is continuously updated to ensure your customers get the most accurate information.

Past Lottery Results

We provide extensive data on past results of all lottery games that your customers are searching for.

Hot / Cold / Overdue Numbers

Your customers can see what numbers have hit the most or least in their state lottery games.

Lottery News & Articles

Stay up to date on all of the latest lottery related news and Keep your customers engaged daily.

Lotto Number Frequency Checking

Customers can see how often certain numbers have hit in each draw.

Check Lotto Ticket Winners

Customers stay engaged longer when they can check their lottery tickets quickly and easily.

Lottery Games Draw Times

Convenient way to see draw times for specific games in each state. Great way to generate SEO traffic.

Lottery Game Rules & Regulations

Great source for finding information and generating SEO traffic.

Pattern Analysis

Our unique algorithm gives users the best analytics to help them choose better numbers.

Lottery Predictions & Analytics

Get the best algorithmic calculations and predictions for hundreds of lottery games.

Scratch-Off Analytics Data

Our broad scratch off data gives users all of the stats they need to pick the best scratchers.

XML/JSON/iFrame & White Label Products

Consume our data in a variety of methods that are best suited for your business needs.

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Your Business Should Use Lottery Data

Our data products and feeds drive incredible value for your business and your customers.  Gain more traffic, engagement and revenue.

4 Min. Average Length of Stay

Lottery demographics are a highly engaged segment that can drive your business forward.

200% Increase in ECPM's

Our Customers report a huge increase in eCPM’s on digital properties using our lotto data.

15% Increase in Revenue

Customers are seeing a big jump in overall revenue utilizing our data and API’s.

Reach a Massive Audience

Over 300 Million people play the lottery worldwide, start reaching a massive audience immediately.

Grow Organic Traffic

Your visitors will love our data.  Start driving more organic traffic to your digital properties.

Engage & Create a Loyal Audience

Start increasing the size of your loyal audience.  Our lottery API’s help you create content that sticks.

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Who Could Benefit From Our Data

Everything starts with a great product & content strategy. See how other business accross a variety of industries is using our data to power their business

News organizations

Draw more customers to your site with our extensive lottery data. Our data can help your customers stay up to date on all of the latest lottery results, scratch off ticket analysis, and predictions. Customers are looking for a single, all inclusive source to get their lottery information and our data provides that in a clear, concise way. With over 90 million people in the U.S. playing the lottery each year, this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

News Portals

Our lottery data is an excellent asset to anyone in the gambling business. Customers are looking to gain an edge to help them win and our lottery and scratch off ticket analytics do just that. Generate better SEO and increase your customer engagement with our comprehensive lottery data.

App companies

Our data is very popular among app companies. It can be easily converted and tailored to your lottery app needs. Customers enjoy the broad range of information such as pattern analysis, hot and cold numbers, and number predictions. The data is presented in a format that is easy to read and navigate.


Lottery related blogs and websites can increase traffic and generate better SEO by utilizing our lottery data. Providing results on lottery draw games and scratch off tickets gives your customers a reason to keep visiting the site daily and expand your audience.

How to Consume Our Lottery Data API


We make our lotto data easy to use. Available in a variety of formats that is easy for your business to use.

iFrames & Widgets

Fully funtional websites and widgets that you can implement in seconds with just a couple lines of  simple code.

White Label Mobile Apps

Launch in the Android and iOS stores immediately with our white label apps. Get our data to your visitors ASAP.

Available Lottery Locations & Games

Utilize the most robust, comprehesive and complete lottery data & analytics API to create engaging content your customers will devour.

United States Lottery Data


New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota

Rhode Island
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia

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Utilize the most robust, comprehesive and complete lottery data & analytics API to create engaging content your customers will devour.