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This is a recent review written by one of our customers.

If you are a developer and are in search for a website for the best API’s for Horoscopes and Astrology, I have made a list that I feel is most appropriate for any projects you may have on your plate. A few things I will include in this list is quality & affordability being that they are the most important boxes to check off.

A few of the websites I am listing are from personal experience and some others other’s being hand’s on research.

TDLR — My Top Pick Below:

Winner: — has been one of the best API’s i’ve used and has been heavily tested by me. They have many options on pricing ranging from $50.00 — $300.00.

Their horoscope and astrology data/content is pretty extensive and give you a bunch of options to customize your site with.

A huge selection of API’s such as Lottery Data, Horoscope, Scratch Off Data, Automotive, News, Weather. Furthermore, on ways to consume their data with XML/JSON/REST API, iFrames & Widgets, and white label products. Being an app developer, I enjoy how their system is build around what you use is what you pay for. You are provided all API’s and are only charged for what you use! I have used their services for over 8 Months. I can see the quality, and am confident with sharing it with over 250K of my app & website users. On a scale of 1–10 I am giving it a 9.

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Take into consideration, I will only be providing legitimate websites that provide information and API’s that don’t sound like it has been written by a computer or somehow generated. Again, we are looking for quality here. I will provide some websites to watch out for but will not go into detail with them as you shouldn’t touch them yourself. The websites below are some of my top to least picks and why.

List of horoscope API’s









Data Feed Network

Very nicely set up website, provides a variety of API’s topics all in one price, lots of tools, very simple to use and implement. Their content is pretty comprehensive with ability to access via JSON and XML. Only issue I had was initial response time for getting everything access to their API, after that it was smooth sailing. Haven’t had any issue with reliability, their data has always worked flawlessly. Tried reaching out to them regarding additional features, but have not heard back.

What’s interesting about them is that they offer access to all their data (which I haven’t used much of) in a usage based pricing. I’ve hit their middle tier which is fairly price competitive. Great service.

Rating: 9

Content — Excellent

Price — $50.00 Monthly — $300.00 Monthly

Website —

Website Speed Test — A+

Horoscopes API

Very little to no complaints. Although, limited features for the price paid for. Very easy to use and always responsive very basic horoscope feed. Easy JSON API. Data quality is pretty good, pretty comprehensive, however kinda expensive, but you get what you paid for.

Rating: 7.5

Content —Good

Price — $90.00 Monthly — $180.00 Monthly

Website —

Website Speed Test — A

Astrology API

Very Modern looking website. Provides a good variety of API for the price. Providing Match Making, Predictions, Birth Charts, and Numerology. For the price it’s a great pick, unfortunately the quality isn’t all there. Very easy for developers to work with a good API console. Provides a 14 day trial.

Rating: 6

Content — Good

Price — $29.00 Monthly — $199.00 Monthly

Website —

Website Speed Test — D

Content Sticky

Not bad, depending on what you are looking for. They have some white-labeled solution, however, it seems pretty canned. On the plus note, they give you a bunch of ways to use/access their data. On a negative note, the design isn’t up to par for what’s expected nowadays.

Rating: 5

Content — OK

Price — $24.99 Monthly

Website —

Website Speed Test — C-


Very Nice website, “No Information regarding API’s”. The owner works with Horoscopes a lot and yahoo on that topic. A very reputable source for horoscopes as she has written many books and articles in Horoscopes holding many best sellers. However, didn’t seem like there was an easy way to ask for or get the data.

Rating: 4

Content — OK

Price — Unknown

Website —

Website Speed Test — D

The Astrologer

Very dated website could use some work to it. Does not show anywhere how to use API’s, You must contact Kelli Fox directly. No where on the website does it show cost, but I reached out to her and she mentioned that it will cost upwards to $1,000.00 a month to $800.00 a week. I will like to add that it does provide very good horoscope information. Almost the best information. But it will cost you to get that information.

Rating: 3

Content — Very good

Price — $800.00 Weekly — $1000.00 Monthly

Website —

Website Speed Test — D

Horoscope Services

Extremely dated website looks like it hasn’t been updated in years. I would assume that the API’s have been updated either. Comparing it to the other websites this is a no go. The information provided on the websites isn’t very good either. Many ad’s inside of the horoscopes. Bad quality services mean bad quality content

Rating: 3

Content — Excellent

Price — £ 360.00 USD $416.56

Website —

Website Speed Test — B+


Tried to find as many Horscope and Astrology services possible to review. There are new ones that come up a lot. This is just my opinion, let me know your experience has been.